better you superfood love my workout the veggie awards

Best Supplement awarded to TotalNutrition

at the Veggie Awards 2016

better you superfood love my workout the veggie awards



TotalNutrition, a unique blend of organically harvested superfoods has scooped the top prize in the Best Supplement category at the Veggie Awards, a true mark of quality in the meat-free industry.

Category judge and Natural Health magazine deputy editor Allison Jacobs, chose BetterYou’s TotalNutrition Superfood powder as her winner after trailing the product which delivers whole food nutrients quickly into the bloodstream for immediate and sustained energy...

Of TotalNutrition Allison said: “Designed to be whizzed into a smoothie or used during cooking, this blend of 10 organic superfoods delivers your complete nutritional profile, including essential omega fats 3 and 6, all in their natural, food-state, bioavailable form.”

Our modern daily diet intake, hectic lifestyles and mineral-depleted soil mean our food is simply not as nutrient rich as it once was.

The unique combination of 100 per cent organic superfoods has been individually selected for their nutritional balance and optimal bioavailability, helping to replace some of those lost from processed meals.

Each ingredient has been cultivated and farmed according to approved organic standards and we are proud to say these have been verified by The Soil Association and comply with both UK and European organic production and harvesting.

All the ingredients are in a complete food state rather than in a synthetic or isolated form, ensuring optimal absorption within the body. This natural supplement is gentle on the digestive system and works in harmony with your bodies rhythms to provide support for every body system.

TotalNutrition can be enjoyed by the entire family and is suitable during pregnancy and while nursing.

Author - Jamie Courtell 17th June 2016