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Medisana IRL Infared lamp 150W

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Product Description


Medisana Infrared Lamp

What are the benefits?

  • Intensive infrared light to relieve muscle aches or common colds
  • Alleviates pain
  • Supports blood circulation
  • Effective heat therapy through pressed glass bulb
  • Adjustable inclination
  • 150 watt bulb
  • Certified in accordance with MDD
  • Dimensions: 195 x 220 x 150 mm


What is Infrared Light and What are its Benefits?

Infrared light has a wavelength which is longer than visible light - this is useful when you consider that it offers the same benefits of sunlight but without the side effects of solar radiation...therefore you do not have to worry about your skin burning after you have used an infrared light therapy system.

Infrared light is able to penetrate deep into the body where it stimulates collagen and elastin production, enabling your body to release nitric oxide which is designed to relax the blood vessels and reduce the propensity for blood clots. In turn, there can be an improvement in blood circulation which can allow for healing of injured muscles or other tissues.

Many physiotherapists use infrared light for patients who have acute muscular injuries.

Infrared light is commonly used for muscular aches and pains; arthritic problems and also skin conditions like acne or psoriasis.

Of the many studies which have looked into infrared therapy, no major side effects have been discovered.


Infrared Light and Minx Nail Systems

The latest craze to hit these shores from sunny California is the Minx nail system. These transfers, used by the likes of Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga, which come in an enormous range of patterns and designs, are heat-transferred under Infrared light and when cool, set hard onto the surface of your nails.

The transfers need to be heated under infrared light to activate their 'stickability' and placed under heat, too.

Minx lights can cost upwards of £49.99, so you can appreciate that this is a real bargain at only £29.99!


How the Infrared Light is used with Minx Nails

We've sourced a short video for you to watch which shows how Minx Nails are applied and where the use of the Infrared light comes in - this is probably the most important bit, getting the heat right - too cold and the transfers won't stick; too hot and the transfers will melt...that's why it's important to get the right lamp for the job and this one does it perfectly!


Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 4015588882548
Organic No
Vegetarian No
Vegan No
UK Produce No
Fair Trade No
Brand Medisana


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